Cleaning acrylic shower doors is a rather daunting task, particularly if you’ve put off doing the task for so long that a noticeable layer of soap scum has grown. It is a good deal of surface space to handle if you are cleaning the bathtub and walls at precisely the same moment.
To get a shower door cleaning, you probably will need to enter the shower or bathtub to make it to the insides of the doors, in which the majority of the water stains, soap scum and standard build-up happens. If you’ve sliding acrylic shower doors — the sort that hinges on top and overlap at the center — you may have the ability to eliminate them out of their framework and take them someplace to wash. Lay old towels beneath the eliminated doors and lie on the doorways horizontal to wash them, which will be easier on the arms compared to cleaning the doorways while they are vertical. In case you need to have in the bathtub, wear non-slip shoes. Additionally wear old clothing and rubber gloves, especially if you’re using products containing bleach. Be sure that the toilet is ventilated as far as you can.
Pick Your Weapons
Acrylic shower doors may stand up to abrasion. Abrasive cleaning tools, for example, scourers and scrubbing brushes offer you the very best possibility of sloughing off hard soap scum. Also, you need something soft and absorbent like a sponge, cloth rag or microfiber fabric for burning off cleaning goods and wiping off watermarks. Used laundry dryer sheets are somewhat abrasive and useful since disposable cleaning materials.

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A squeegee is a very best instrument to get a final wipe down after cleansing, however, a dry rag or old towel also functions.
Peruse the cleaning aisle, and you will see heaps of products for cleaning your bathtub. Some are specially made for cleaning showers, even such as those who claim to remove soap scum and lime residue with simplicity; others are intended for underfloor cleaning. Always follow the manufacturer’s directions for use. You may be educated to spray or wash out the item on the doors and allow it to sit for a recommended period before rinsing it off.
Organic and partly natural home products which are a decent alternative to compounds consist of white vinegar and baking soda. Dish soap and soap-filled scrubbing pads intended for cleaning dishes are also workable. Experiment with pastes made from baking soda, vinegar or water, and dish soap. Smear the paste on the shower doors, allow it to sit, then wash it away while scrubbing. White vinegar is great for cutting through water stains and is particularly powerful if you warm it in a pan or the microwave until it is steaming. Vinegar and dish soap alternatives also wash up soap scum efficiently.
Create the task of cleaning your shower doors simpler next time around by preventing the accumulation of warm water stains and soap scum. Mount a squeegee in the shower and teach relatives to wash down the doorways after showering. A scrubbing brush using a detergent-dispensing handle full of the diluted cleaning solution is very good for quickly cleaning up stains whenever they look, so keep one handy in or from the shower. A light coating of lemon oil put on the doors using a moist cloth functions as water and scum repellant. Products made to keep water droplets off auto windshields have a similar advantage.